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Daily Mail Editorial Nov 2013



Touchscreen Overlay as seen in Bett Fair – Dec issue


The Soladapt Touchscreen Overlay is simple and easy to use. The Overlay’s frame needs to be strapped on to the front of any desktop monitor or TV and plugged into a personal computer through a USB connection.  The unit is plug and play so there are no software drivers required. The Overlays come in a range of sizes from 17” to 159” with offer 2 to 40 point multi touch function.

The Touchscreen Overlay allows the user to experience the full functionality of Windows 7, Windows 8,  Windows 8.1, Android, Vista and XP  on their existing monitors, all from an affordable £99.99


Soladapt’s Touchscreen Overlay presents the unique and cost effective opportunity to experience the full functionality of touch-based systems like Windows 8.  Simply put, it’s a pane of toughened glass you put over the front of your display and plug in via USB, giving you Touchscreen capabilities. Using Infrared Touchscreen Technology, small LEDs are built into the frame, which can register multiple touch points.

Soladapt is exhibiting at the Ideal Home Exhibition – 13th to 17thNovember & Bett Fair – Excel Centre – 22nd – 25th Jan 2014 –

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