About us

Soladapt combines the quality and innovation of consumer products that will change the way you think about the way you live.  Through our many years experience of bringing consumer goods to the highstreet we strive to offer the lowest prices and give you the highest customer satisfaction.


Soladapt products are sourced directly from our China factories allowing us to bring you the best possible value.  We are keen to discuss volume purchasing and work on a case by case basis to ensure we reach a mutually agreeable solution. With a range of distribution solutions available for your selection, we can manage your order from enquiry to delivery.


Soladapt cares deeply about environmental issues and ethical business. In all our dealings with customers, staff and suppliers we act ethically and treat others as we would wish to be treated ourselves. All our Chna facilities are audited to relevant EU guidelines bringing confidence to our customers that the goods are produced with a great consideration for the teams we work with. We are keenly aware of our environmental responsibilities and have tried to promote the use of anti radiation and solar energy technology as part of all our daily lives by sourcing high quality products that can fit into anybody’s life style.


The Soladapt team is a small group of professionals both in UK and China who have been working in the consumer goods industry for a combined total of over 50 years.

Our experience in sourcing high innovation products from reputable sources in China allows us to bring great opportunities to you.

“Made in China” as a brand name has come along way since the early 80’s.  With the huge investment in Chinese manufacturing and increasing salaries the level of expertise and intuative design offers the consumer goods market the best of innovation at affordable prices.

Soladapt will strive to bring you these opportunities and we thank you for your support.


Kind Regards

The Soladapt Team


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